Bandit’s story: Micro-current and PEMF

Bandit is now a 14 yr old Border Collie. Last year on 12-17-15 she had a seizure and then appeared to have had a stroke. She could not walk straight, her head was tilted at a 45 degree angle and her eyes had rapid involuntary movement- which is called nystagmus. The first thing done after getting her outside, then cleaning her up- was to use the micro-current along with the PEMF device on her. We took her to the vet a couple hours later. He said the only way to know for sure what had happened was for an MRI- a machine they didn’t have- but without that he said from the symptoms he felt in the 95% range that she had a brain tumor and possibly bleeding, which caused the stroke-like symptoms.  At almost 14 we were not going to put her through surgery or more tests- and decided to see how she made it through the weekend.

We brought her home and since she had trouble even walking, she stayed still in her bed- or mostly in her bed as she could not even curl up like she used to. We had suggestions from friends on foods to try so we could get her to eat, added some different supplements for pain and seizures, but the main treatment we did was use the Micro-current using the PEMF attachment which meant we didn’t have to try and get to skin with a comb device.

For those of you with devices- we started off using 350 Hz for the first couple of days aiming it at the tumor area of the head- opposite side of her tilt. We ran the device 24/7- which meant we were going through batteries J.  By the 3rd or 4th day she started having a better appetite – of course for expensive smoked salmon and GMO/grain-free dog food!  She still had a major head tilt and could not walk a straight line because of that. Fortunately once out the back door it was required to take a left to get to the grass- and that was the way her head led her anyways.  As the weeks went on Bandit continued to improve, not only her appetite improved, but she had less and less trouble walking. We continued with the device, switching to 77 Hz (Blue Relax) for the next couple of weeks and finally switched to 7.83- which are the Grounding Schumann waves. By the time she went back to the vet for a visit 2 months later she had no head tilt, was walking straight and actually running in the pasture with the rest of her pack!  She turned 14 in April and although has some days where it’s slow getting up- she is doing amazingly well for her age.

We continue to use the micro-current on her weekly and now she is sharing her device with her 10 ½ yr old Golden sister with severe spondylosis.  We’ll keep you posted on her progress.

Bandit – 2 days after stroke


Bandit receiving mircro-current

Bandit receiving mircro-current & PEMF


Bandit 5 months after stroke

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