Below are links to new Training Videos which will showcase some of the techniques in using a device.  For those of you who own a device they can be used as a refresher if you’ve attended some training. Otherwise they will give you an idea of how the use of microcurrent can help in the relief of pain in a variety of conditions.

All videos will play in the smaller thumbnail shown unless you click on the full size screen (between HD & V lower right corner. You may also view them on our Bonrich Vimeo Channel-  click here.  On our Bonrich Channel you can also ‘Follow’ us by signing up for Vimeo and you will be notified when new videos are loaded.


Testimonial – Brain Tumor and Stroke It does not get much more serious than this! Use micro-current and PEMF to help. Don’t be surprised at how much it can help and how quickly you may see improvement.


Testimonial – Wet Macular Degeneration Being told that you are losing your eyesight is a serious concern for many people. This video discusses a case where the individual was told to expect blindness in a short time from a serious eye issue. After using the PEMF from her device she was told by her retinologist that her eyes were healthy now and that whatever she was doing to keep it up. But, be sure to watch to the end of the video a surprise “side-effect”- you will not forget this one!