Below are links to new Training Videos which will showcase some of the techniques in using a device.  For those of you who own a device they can be used as a refresher if you’ve attended some training. Otherwise they will give you an idea of how the use of microcurrent can help in the relief of pain in a variety of conditions.

All videos will play in the smaller thumbnail shown unless you click on the full size screen (between HD & V lower right corner. You may also view them on our Bonrich Vimeo Channel-  click here.  On our Bonrich Channel you can also ‘Follow’ us by signing up for Vimeo and you will be notified when new videos are loaded.

Basic 5 –   key techniques for success in using your device

Relaxation / Pain Relief / De-stress / VNS

Using Sticky Pad Electrodes

Pro-Sport III &  Pro-Sport Ultra

RSI & Best Pro 1