Pro-Sport III & Pro-Sport Ultra

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Pro Sport- Open Box A quick guide to what comes with your Pro Sport and what the accessories are used for.

Pro Sport – Navigating The first step in navigating on your Pro Sport model is to know how to change modes. This video demonstrates how easy it is.

Full Dose Zero (Dose 0) with Pro Sport III or Ultra Pro Sport Overview of the most important skill in micro-current – the Full Dose Zero. Shows the preliminary stage of this process, which is the initial Dose (D), then continues on to show the completed Full Dose Zero. (DZ) restores energy to the tissue in a targeted measured approach and simultaneously provides ramped up pain relief.

Pro Sport- Subroutines; Modulate mode Various Subroutines found in a number of the modes available in the Pro Sport models allows greatly increased flexibility allowing enhanced therapy and quicker results. This video examines subroutines in the mode: Modulate

Pro-Sport – Assessing by the Numbers This unique feature allows the user to find precise locations of injuries, damaged tissue, origins of pain, plus fully ascertain the condition of the underlying tissue- whether it is severely or mildly chronic/ degenerative; normal; or – mildly to highly inflamed. With this knowledge the user can then pinpoint therapy for maximum results.

Pro-Sport III – Checking Leg Length with Dr. Traver Sopoci Watch as Dr. Traver, DC walks you through checking both leg and arm lengths, then using microcurrent to help correct the imbalance.

Pro-Sport III – N-Stim Protocol Length with Dr. Traver Sopoci Watch as Dr. Traver, DC walks you through the N-Stim (Neural Stimulation) Protocol. Learn the procedure for helping brain activity with neural stimulation.

Pro-Sport III – FM Brainwave Modes Length with Dr. Traver Sopoci Here Dr. Traver, DC explains the FM brainwave modes on the PSIII. These include Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma and Theta settings on the Pro Sport III.

Pro-Sport – Working with Leg Neuropathy Length with Dr. Traver Sopoci See how Dr. Traver, DC works with a leg neuropathy case. He’ll show you how simple it is to help with leg neuropathy using microcurrent.

Pro-Sport – Start Your Day with Microcurrent Length with Dr. Traver Sopoci Sometimes you need a bit of a boost to get things going in the morning? Would you like a caffeine alternative? Dr. Traver, DC shows you a simple and easy technique to help you get a better start to your day.