RSI & Best Pro 1

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BCA Training: RSI/Best Pro Modes- Welcome to Bonrich Academy. This video will cover using an Avazzia RSI & Best Pro 1. These devices are used at home as well as in Clinics. They are both very effective devices but we are often asked “What modes do you use for what issues”? This video gives a brief explanation. For more detailed or specific inquiries contact Us directly.

BCA Training: Dosing with RSI– Using the Avazzia Micro-current RSI device, this video will demonstrate a dosing procedure. Dosing is an important step in relieving pain, reducing inflammation and supports tissue regeneration. For more detailed or specific inquiries contact Us directly.

Assessing with a Best Pro 1 How to use the Assessment feature of the Best Pro 1 device. The lights in Relax mode are dual purposed. In addition to displaying the power level, the lights also display the condition of tissue- from chronic to inflamed, thus helping use the device more effectively in determining therapy.