Pro Sport III Kit

PRO-SPORT 3 allows healthcare practitioner to set output mode parameters. Digital display patient REACTION readings and therapy progress indicators for professional use.

Prescription Required if you are not a health practitioner.

PRO-SPORT 3 Modes include:

Relax Assess
Blue Relax
Modulate, off, 0.5:1, 1:1, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, 5:1, and 6:1
Deep Stimulate
Blue Stimulate
Acute 3:1
Acute Trauma
783 Harmonics
FM .5-4.0 D
FM 3-8 T
FM 7-12 A
FM 12-32 B
FM 32-43 G
FM 60-90-120
FM Plus
FM Advanced
FM Intense
Fast T
Slow T
CH Step
CH RT 194
CH Sac 210
CH Solrp 126
CH Hrt 136
CH Thr 141
CH 3rd 221
CH Crn 172
CH 8th 272
LU 824 PC530
HT497 SI791
TE732 LI553
SP702 LR442
KI608 BL667
GB583 ST471
Face Stim
Face Smooth
Eye Stim
Eye Smooth
AVA – Programmable mode that allows user control of output characteristics – Power curve, frequency, pulses, Z value, damping, modulation, save and load and user save modes, VAZ1, VAZ2, VAZ3, and VAZ4 for saving AVA user selections

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