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Explaining PEMF and Qi Wave Pads Qi Wave Pads connect to any micro-current device. This video shows the range or penetration of the magnetic field of these pads. PEMF is an amazing modality which can help with many issues.There are hundreds of scientific studies done involving PEMF.


Using the Qi Wave Pads Ideas of how and where to place the Qi Wave Pads for therapy. This video may give you ideas on new ways to use the pads.


PEMF and the ViaQi accessory Video shows where the PEMF field of energy exists and the range (strength) of the field for both the Avazzia device and the ViaQi.


Intro to PEMF – Using with Animals – Q&A This video discusses how to use PEMF for animals. Plus, a general discussion follows on what happens at the cellular level (based on research) with regards to bacteria, virus, mold and cancer.