Training at Dr Laura’s- April 23, 2016

A big THANK YOU to the 28 people who attended the Bonrich Academy training at Dr. Laura’s on  April 23rd.  Everyone had a chance to meet and talk with others who are just getting used to learning what they can accomplish with this remarkable technology.

One of the main areas we covered was VNS (vagus nerve stimulation). The basic method or protocol we use for this was created by Thomas Woods, a Diplomate of Acupuncture. (He has not used needles for over 7 years because micro-current works better and lasts longer). The reduction in stress and inflammation in the body is backed by a significant amount of research and some of which is available on the Bonrich Academy website under the VNS “box”.

Also covered was a simple version of “Little Wings”, where we calm the neck and shoulders and reduce stress.

This training we also added N-Stim (Neuro-stimulation) protocol and if you were there you could look around the room and see everyone with the “Comb” attachment on their head, which reminded many of an old card game kids played called Indian Poker, where you held up one card on your forehead so everyone else could see what you have- except yourself.

However, N-stim is serious and does provide valuable benefits to the brain and how well it functions. In one case of note I have used it and with just 15 minutes of treatment witnessed restored cognitive function and clarity of thought return to a geriatric male- and it was sustained for over 3 months with no further treatment. Anyone who uses this will have their own stories.

Finally, among other things, we covered a very simple way to approach any problem you may encounter with regards to pain, whether for yourself or others, and we provided a two-step pathway to success.

Here’s a recent story concerning the use of VNS and Little Wings to help a patient come out of an anxiety attack.

For those who have never experienced a panic attack or have never been on anti-depressants- wonderful and fortunate, but for those who have, well- not pleasant.

A new patient of a doctor who uses micro-current had been on anti-depressants for years (from other docs) and was weaning off them. However, in medicine, withdrawal is not exact and always tenuous and may even be dangerous, and in this case, it appeared the patient may have been reducing the dosage too rapidly and was experiencing high anxiety.

During the patient’s first visit an anxiety attack occurred and the individual’s pulse rate soared to 120 just sitting. The VNS protocol was used immediately and the pulse rate lowered to 98, then a quick Little Wings and it was 88 and the individual was calm again- crisis over!  Thanks to the use of the VNS protocol and thanks to Tom Woods for coming up with it!

Let us know some of your experiences and please share your “stories.” Those present on the 23rd heard lots of stories from each other, and while they may not be proof of anything, they do show that everyone in the room has benefited from their device and is glad they have one.

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