PEMF or Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields

PEMF stands for: Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field.  PEMF technology has opened the door to the brain, not just the body!

EMF, or Electro-Magnetic Fields, has drawn much attention in recent years as “bad” for the body. However, it is not that EMF is “bad”, but the type and form of it, such as from cell phones and power lines. Every cell in our body produces emf as a result of having and using electricity, but in this form it is necessary for life and for sustaining health. .

In the case of PEMF we are talking about using a form of EMF that is compatible and healthy for the body and can even help the body recover from injury/ trauma/ or other serious issues such as strokes, in which case the PEMF can be used to help both the body’s recovery PLUS the brain’s.

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